Introducing the class of 2016 pt. 3

This is the third instalment of our blog posts introducing our new MSc students (see part 1 and part 2). We may actually have students from every continent this year (OK not Antarctica). In this post we have students from Colombia, Greece and Cyprus.


Verónica Uribe
I was born in Medellín (Colombia) and I was raised in an small village where I had some exposure to sustainable practices. Petroleum engineer by background, focused in the oil and gas production stage, working for Exploration & Production companies such BP. After 13 years involved in hydrocarbon activities I realized that I wanted to go back to that sustainable environment that surrounded my childhood, and also that Colombia requires effective action to balance the energy portfolio, increasing the renewable energy portion to face the upcoming gas shortage and mainly to provide sustainable energy to the non-connected areas of the territory. Based on this I decided to broaden my energy background to get closer to my personal interest and also to the country’s needs.

Artemis Pountoureli
Having always been curious about electricity and the whole world behind plugs and wires, I decided that electrical engineering was the path for me to follow. Throughout the last two years of my studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece, I majored in Electric Power Systems and developed a keen interest in sustainable energy. After some internships and brief work experience in the renewable energy sector, I decided to join the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures in order to obtain an overall impression of the energy market and the sustainable practices it should incorporate.

Andreas Livera
I earned my BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cyprus where, during my final year, I worked as a programmer in the Electromagnetics and Novel Applications Laboratory (ENAL), helping develop a high frequency EMF map of Cyprus. As an undergraduate student I received an honorary award from the School of Polytechnic studies and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department due to my academic performance during the academic years 2012 and 2015. I am a student member of the IEEE, a member of Energy Institute (EI) and also a member of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK). I am strongly interested in the renewable energy sector and youth entrepreneurship. I decided to join the Sustainable Energy Futures pr to enhance my knowledge of the energy field and receive the proper academic and professional tools required to pursue a successful professional career in the energy industry.

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