Introducing the class of 2017 pt. 1

It’s the start of the new academic year so that means we have a whole new batch of students on our MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures. Like every year we have a great mix of nationalities, backgrounds and experiences. Here we have gotten some of the students to introduce themselves and explain why they chose the course.


Luke Rust

I am from Northampton here in England and attended Stowe School until the age of 18. I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey, where my individual project aimed to assess the opportunity and constraints of using decentralised renewable energy technologies at a future university campus development.

I have undertaken a number of industry placements around my studies which primarily delivered energy strategies for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Northamptonshire County Council. I spent the recent summer advancing a portfolio of Energy from Waste schemes across the country for an emerging energy development company, which gave me a fantastic insight into current UK government energy policies and incentives.

I wanted to undertake this MSc at Imperial College London to gain a detailed technical understanding of the energy industry, whilst developing my passion for high level energy strategy and consultancy. I ultimately look forward to shaping the new world that people will be living in, whilst learning from experiences worldwide.

Romy Abou Farhat

I was born and raised in Lebanon until when my family and I flee the war to Canada in 2006. Since my parents could not withstand the cold Canadian weather, we all moved to Sydney, Australia in 2007.

After spending a wonderful couple of years down under, we moved back to Lebanon, where I completed my last years of High School and my French Baccalaureate. I moved to London in 2013 and undertook my Bachelors in Civil Engineering at the University College London.

I then chose to pursue the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London to explore the myriad of opportunities driven by the evolution of clean energy markets and policies as countries are shifting to low-carbon economies. I hope to fully utilize the tools and knowledge developed in sustainable energy technologies, and have resource to the network of energy and climate experts and leaders at Energy Futures Lab to successfully innovate in climate change mitigation and the growth of green resilient cities of the future.

Jean-Yves Morille

After studying intensively for two years to prepare for the entrance examinations to the French top-ranking establishments, I entered Centrale Lyon, a general engineering school. During my time there gained knowledge in numerous engineering fields.

Then I took a gap year in order to get some professional experience. I did internships at two French companies. During the first one, I provided support to a smart grid team. The second was related to the optimization of hydropower generation. I particularly loved tackling challenging problems that I faced during this year.

The reason why I chose the Sustainable Energy Futures MSc is because I truly think the major issues that we will have to solve this century will be about sustainable energy production.

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