The new Global Energy Youth Program

The Global Energy Association is a well recognised brand in the energy sector, currently managing the Global Energy Prize with a series of initiatives aimed at young Russian scientists. This year however they are taking one of their youth programs and inviting applications from a global audience. So we asked Natalia Naumova of the Global Energy Association to tell us more about the program and what is planned for 2019.

Since 2004 the Global Energy Association has been running contests aimed at encouraging and attracting young scientists and engineers from all over in Russia. This year however we are taking our Youth Program to the world. We are looking to engage with young researchers from every corner of the globe to take part in the contest and showcase the best research projects and ideas.

Our goal has always been to on building a future energy system by encouraging scientists to develop advanced scientific and technological innovations as Alexander Ignatov, Acting President explains “The main goal of the Global Energy International Youth Program is provision of incentives for research projects carried out by young scientists and engineers in the energy sector through the allocation of grants and personal awards. It is important for us to stimulate the increasing cooperation and experience exchange between Russian and young foreign engineers in the energy sector. Also, we would like to encourage for creation of a talent pool of future engineers in the energy sector,”

We are inviting students, young scientists and engineers under the age of 40 engaged in R&D in the energy sector to get involved. With both of the categories our “Idea” and “Startup” categories can accept applications in English. You do have to choose one as you can only apply to one category.

Within the “Idea” category, international projects and studies in the energy sector are considered in three areas: “Traditional energy”, “Non-traditional energy” and “New ways of energy application”. Winners are determined in each of these three areas: one per area. Each winner receives grant in the amount of around €14,000 for the continuation of his research in the framework of the announced project for a period of one calendar year.

International projects in the field of energy, successfully introduced into production during the last 5 years, are accepted for participation in the competition in the “Startup” category.  For this category, one winner receives a personal prize of around €14,000.

We have been holding competitions for young researchers since 2004 with a total of 1,120 contestants and 73 winners. The winners have received a total of about €1,100,000 Euro in grants and personal awards. Today, 25% of the winners’ projects have been fully implemented in the production process or are at the final stage of development. The winners’ projects cover all major areas of the energy sector. 55.4% of the projects are related to R&D in traditional energy, 31% are aimed at the development of alternative energy, and 14% concern new energy technologies.

We are really looking forward to seeing what new ideas that we can support from the future leaders of the energy sector. So if you think your idea or research has legs you can apply online now.

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